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The University of Warwick

Want to sample the most inspiring teaching from across your uni, as voted by the student body? Click here to fruni your uni...

The University of Warwick

We'd like as many unis as possible to be free range. But unis say (rightly!) that they need to see that students, staff and alumni like the idea before they'll make it happen.

What is Fruni? How does it work? Now what? Why?

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"It'd be brilliant if Warwick joined up so that people can share the teaching highlights of their degree. I'd love to vote for my most inspirational lecturers who showed me what philosophy is." Ben
"I believe Warwick has some excellent teachers, and their knowledge and expertise should be shared as widely as possible." Emma
"Academics do not work in isolation - they share a sphere of thought with their peers across other institutions, national and international. Students ought to have the opportunity to do the same!" Sally
"Warwick had so many fantastic courses across disciplines and I only wish I'd had the chance to find out more about what was under my nose while I was there." Katherine
"This would have been the most amazing thing while I was at Warwick. Although I loved my degree, I was always so jealous of other people's lecture experiences. I had the opportunity to do a module from a different course in my final year and it was honestly one of the best parts of my uni experience. To have had the opportunity to be lectured on a further range of topics would have been awesome. Now I live in London, I love going to the free lectures at LSE and would encourage all current students to get as broad a range of educational experiences as possible." Chloe
"We have all had the experience of lectures that are uninspiring and uninformative. The kind of lecture where we would rather stay in halls and stream an episode of Friends than get out of bed walk 10 minutes to the lecture theater. This is a pertinent problem. Students need to be engaged in their studies, and they need value for money. The inspired student is the student that will graduate and use their education positively and proactively, and feel like they have got something truly 'beneficial' out of their time at university. I want my university to become a free range university because this is not just about inspiring university students - by creating a national network between the best lectures, organisations and schools alike can be engaged with new and inspiring ideas. " Sarah


Fruni is about giving as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the most inspiring teaching at UK universities, as voted for by students.

First we give students the chance to experience the best teaching their university has to offer, regardless of the subject they study.

Then we work with universities to put these brilliant teachers at the heart of their outreach programmes. We aim to create a publicly free national resource of outstanding university teaching.

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