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The Best of King's Lectures

Want to sample the most inspiring teaching from across your uni, as voted by the student body? Click here to fruni your uni...

King's College London (University of London) (KCL)

We'd like as many unis as possible to be free range. But unis say (rightly!) that they need to see that students, staff and alumni like the idea before they'll make it happen.

What is Fruni? How does it work? Now what? Why?

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"It is a good idea to be able to sample as many different ideas while at uni as possible!" FATIMEH
"University has always been about broadening one's mind, as well as deepening one's knowledge of the area(s) of study that they have chosen. It does not make sense to limit access to the best teaching ina subject area just because you have chosen to study one degree and not another. We should be celebrating the fact that people want to expand their horizons, and be proud that elements of our teaching are held in such high esteem." Rachael
"Good idea. Must be easy to stream/download/podcast these videos. Also important this project doesn't intrude on the research and teaching that lecturers are currently doing and that students at their respective universities are spending so much time, effort and money on. 1. See below- "We will share your positive thoughts...." and what if someone has negative thoughts, worries, concerns, constructive criticisms? I would be dismayed if 'free range' did not extend to free speech. 1. I studied in the UK but now work abroad. I'm struck by how many foreigners tell me how jealous they are of the UK's excellence in university teaching. However I'm also sure there are inspiring lecturers with non-UK perspectives from universities across the world. Providing translated or subtitled lectures from universities elsewhere in return for access to this project could bear great fruit." Tom
""Since my first day at King's I felt welcome, challenged and inspired both by the environment and by teachers alike to explore, to develop, to do and be better"" Margarida
"I did both my BA and MA at King's and loved the whole experience, each department was very different yet full of lecturers and students passionate about their subject. As an undergraduate in the German and English department it was all about literature and film, and it was easy to study hard and do well because I loved the subject! I believe every student should pursue what they are passionate about, employers appreciate varied backgrounds and skills and the most important thing is being able to engage and communicate with people from all walks of life. I've landed a great job a the BFI because I was interning there during my time as an MA student in the Cultural & Creative Industries programme at King's. It's these cultural connections the School of Arts & Humanities has across London, and everything being on your doorstep that makes King's such an amazing place to be. " Sarah
"University for me is about sharing great ideas, having discussions and sharing research. I would like for everyone to have access to the great resources, research and teaching here at King's " Sophie
"Being involved with a university where staff are so friendly, and lecturers so inspiring, feeds that inspiration back into my own time here. The good work - their teaching, and research - should be shared for the greater good, to help others learn and continue the cycle for future generations." Chris
"'Best University for Graduate Employment'! Need I say more?! I love that fact that at King's it is possible to study a course which you have passion for such as Classical Archaeology; Molecular Genetics or International Relations and have the qualities at the end of it that employers are looking for!!" Charlotte
"The School of Social Science & Public Policy helps to tackle some of the most important social, political and ethical issues of our time, including urban sustainability & climate change, new security uncertainties & risks, the changing nature of war, age & ageing and inequalities in health and education. The School's departments are on the Waterloo and Strand campuses of the College, both of which are in the heart of London with easy access to the policy community and the cultural and intellectual heart of the city." Emma
"Natural & Mathematical Sciences programmes at King's are delivered by academics at the cutting edge of research which is affecting our everyday lives. Who wouldn't want to be taught by Professor John Ellis CBE, and attend guest lectures from Professor Peter Higgs?!" Charlotte
"The German department at King's is outstanding. Finding out more about Germany - the 'accidental empire', as the Guardian called it- learning about its culture, its language and its philosophy is a truly rewarding experience. The teachers in the department are amazing and never fail to challenge your intellect and your preconceptions. " Katja
"I think King's College London is all about bringing in diversity and well-versed students from around the world together to create, explore and discover new ideas and inspire. Teaching delivered is often backed by true passion in their field and shown through innovative ideas and research. " Delphine
"I think there is a fantastic array of subjects in some mainstream subject areas such as Law, and Medicine, but also some fantastically unique areas, such as War Studies, Liberal Arts and Global Health and Social Medicine, which students should get the chance to experience more about and broaden their horizons and find connections. " Carl
"I think the King's Liberal Arts programme is amazing and has some innovative approaches to teaching. I'd like to see some of our academics profiled on this site." Kyra
"Fruni is a brilliant idea that will have a real positive impact on universities and their wider community. Everyone should benefit from great teachers and a free range education." Owen
"I think this is a wonderful idea, university is about broadening your intellectual horizons. " Sarah


Fruni is about giving as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the most inspiring teaching at UK universities, as voted for by students.

First we give students the chance to experience the best teaching their university has to offer, regardless of the subject they study.

Then we work with universities to put these brilliant teachers at the heart of their outreach programmes. We aim to create a publicly free national resource of outstanding university teaching.

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